Myths and Untruths we’ve heard about online casinos

The novelty of a casino online has worn off by now, but many old misconceptions are still around based on some people jumping to conclusions, and the actions of the worst kind of illegal operators. There’s no end of so-called facts and advice about online gambling.

Here are some of the worst bits of advice you’re likely to hear.

skull Gambling online is more addictive

This is an outright lie. Addiction and temptation depends on the individual, it’s not the fault of the casino. Sure, online gamblers lose track of time but they can surround themselves with clocks and windows if that’s an issue, unlike in a real casino.

skull Online casinos expose your computer to viruses

This is absurd. No profitable online business trading on its reputation would expose its clients to viruses. That would threaten all their customers’ computer equipment, and the casino’s servers too. It’s the gambler’s responsibility to protect their system by taking precautions with browsers, the latest anti-virus software and firewalls before visiting a casino online.

skull Casinos online encourage underage players

Politicians, parents and other concerned parties have been weighing into this discussion ever since online casinos began. It may exist in some shady operations, but any reputable casino online has the tightest of measures to prevent any underage use, starting with age verification with players’ banks and credit card providers.


skull Gamblers’ personal information is unsafe

This is only a problem with unlicensed sites. If you come across a tempting bonus or sign-up deal from an unheard-of casino online, check out its license and make sure it uses SSL encryption, the best technology for personal data security.

skull All online casinos are scams and don’t pay out

Cases of non-payment among licensed sites are rare. Casinos always reserve the right to cancel or hold payments if they have reason to believe it’s a case of cheating or fraud, and payout usually seems frustratingly slow, but any casino online will exercise caution to avoid any doubt.

skull All the games are rigged in the casino’s favor

And what’s the big surprise here? Every type of casino has to make a profit. It’s ignorant to assume there’s some great algorithm recording your every move, then wrecking your chances of winning. The slots in a casino online are controlled by a computer that picks a winner, at random. It’s a system based on pure luck. not experience.

skull The games are tougher in online casinos

Most gamblers who have played both types will find it equally challenging to play a casino online or off. The only differences that apply are the same as you will find between different land-based casinos.

The games are played pretty much the same way on and offline. Most things remain the same, with just a few variations in software used and payout amounts. It’s well worth sampling both types of casino to find out which you like the best. Take advantage of free games and other offers for new clients among the casinos online to get a feel for them.